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Read an excerpt from A Brush With Madness by Robin Plummer
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  • January 1, 1970

"A Brush With Madness" by Robin Plummer is a harrowing true life account of six ordinary British men torn out of their lives and thrust into a world of terror.

At last, an eyewitness account of the Libyan Hostage Situation of 1984; a period of history hidden from public eye, now revealed through the demise of the Colonel Gaddafi's dictatorship.

Events commence with the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher on 17th April, 1984. Shots were fired from within the Libyan Embassy in London by the Libyan People's Bureau at demonstrators from the Libyan National Salvation Front, fatally wounding WPC Fletcher and injuring 11 others. Within the next few days the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London had broken off all diplomatic relations with Libya.

In direct response, six British men were kidnapped, assaulted, terrorised, cast into solitary confinement by one of Colonel Gaddafi's Libyan Revolutionary Committees. Caught in a battle to keep sane by any means these men found themselves treading a fine line between desperate attempts to provide the truth to the outside world and the strict diplomacy necessary to keep themselves alive.

What follows is the real life tale, told by former hostage Robin Plummer, of political intrigue involving special envoy Terry Waite, Kate Adie of the BBC, former Prime Minister Margaret, now Baroness, Thatcher, and of the British, Italian, Greek, Moroccan and Tanzanian governments' efforts to secure their release; and of the heroic efforts of wives and family to keep the plight of the hostages in the public eye.

"A Brush With Madness" is a nine month long roller coaster of terror, expectations, disappointments, triumphs and disasters - a book you wont be able to put down.